What is Galimar?

The planet of Galimar is located in the Large Magellanic galaxy, about 50 kiloparsecs (or about 163,000 light years) away, it is the third closest galaxy to the Milky Way, after the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal (about 16 kiloparsecs) and the putative Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy (about 12.9 kiloparsecs, though its status as a galaxy is under dispute) lying closer to the center of the Milky Way.

Speaking on its social evolution, Galimar, on the whole, has progressed to a point where they recognize that the total obligation of each and every living Galimarian is to pursue happiness and explore the vast universe around them. They realize that this alone brings such personal fulfillment, there needn’t be any pursuits of personal wealth and prosperity. Hundreds of millennia ago, their race figured out that such pursuits were the path to unrest, unhappiness, and ultimately early death for those who were so preoccupied with such.

PlanetGalimarBy pursuing a more “enlightened” approach life, their race grew as a whole and was able to accomplish so much more than they ever had when they were only interested in personal fame and fortune. This enlightened viewpoint was only solidified more when they made their first contact with intelligent life on other planets in their general vicinity. That, of course, had to wait until they were able to perfect interstellar travel.

Galimarians live, love and laugh much like humans do. In fact, this was one of the first things that they were able to discern from their contact with other planets and races of intelligent life. The level of a race’s intelligence was commensurate with their ability to actually laugh and enjoy themselves. Like themselves, when a race gets to a point when they can concentrate on the activities of an enlightened soul, their minds are freed from the more pedestrian pursuits of life, and they can simply grow at an exponential rate.

Arts, literature, technology, music, and philosophy turned into full time and respected vocations for those that chose to pursue such things.

Surrounding the planet are five major moons named Idda, Genipar, Penilad, Demios, and Pailan. Also surrounding the planet is a set of rings made up of major and minor asteroidal bodies. While the Galimarians have colonized each of the moons (except for Demios), there are no colonies on the asteroids. There are, however, fully automated mining operations on some of the larger asteroids. The raw materials from these mines are used for many purposes and is where the raw materials for the ship Arageena (the name of the ship that ends up coming to earth) are derived.


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